My vehicle is leased. Will I have an issue when it is returned due to my accident?

As long as the repairs are done properly, according to oem (original manufacturer) guidelines, and your color match is within industry standards, a leasing company, dealer or bank can not charge you for getting into an accident or damaging the vehicle. However, they will charge you for improper repairs. So be careful in choosing your collision shop. Check out their reviews. Get a recommendation. Do not choose based on price alone. Saving money may end up costing you more in the end. SOS IS PROUD TO BE ABLE TO SAY THAT IN OUR 30 YEARS OF BUSINESS WE HAVE NEVER HAD A CUSTOMER HAVE AN ISSUE WITH OUR REPAIRS WHEN RETURNING A LEASED VEHICLE. Another reason why SOS Auto Body is the “Best Auto Body Repair Shop” in Queens.

Posted by Roe on March 7, 2017